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6 Ways to Start Your Morning

6 Ways to Start Your Morning

Own your morning

Here at Good Grains HQ, we have quite a few morning people. We are a cereal company, after all. But we understand that not everyone is as excited to see the first signs of sunlight every day. So if you're a groggy, angry-if-you-wake-me-up-before-10-on-weekends type of person, this is for you! Follow these 6 tips to start your morning with a smile.

Wake up before 7AM.

This is, of course, a biased suggestion from us morning people. However, there is something beautiful and special about a quiet morning before the world begins to buzz. The peace will help you start your day feeling more relaxed.

Keep your blinds cracked open.

Going from a completely dark room to full light can be a harsh transition. Having exposure to a bit of light before you wake up helps ease your body into the morning rise, providing a gradual and natural alarm clock. 

Have a bowl of Golden O’s with strawberries.

We have all heard that breakfast is essential to a great day. Well, it's true! We're suggesting Golden O's paired with fresh strawberries here, but feel free to pick your favorite combo. Whether it's cereal, granola, or oatmeal, get that bowl in! 

Have a cup of coffee, like Klatch’s Crazy Goat blend

Klatch Coffee, produced right here in the Inland Empire, has award-winning roasts that will make you physically jump out of the bed in the morning. A perfect cup of joe will make your morning, just ask coffee sloth

Go for a walk.

It doesn't need to be long. Take a lap around your neighborhood with a family member, your dog, or solo and soak in the fresh air. Simply getting your blood going will help you feel more awake and ready to take on the day! 

Listen to music.

This is going to look different for everyone. Maybe you prefer blasting upbeat, pop. Or perhaps an indie folk band is more your cup of tea (or coffee, wink wink). Either way, listening to the right music is good for your soul in the morning.

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