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Have you met the Yeti?

Have you met the Yeti?

You’ve probably seen him hanging out. He’s all over the website, he actually sends our emails, and he has even been known to run through the factory from time to time. Yep, we are talking about The Yeti. Since he is a key part of the Good Grains Team, we thought we’d take a minute to introduce him.

He’s almost 2 years old now, which is 28 in Yeti years. So at that age, you’d think he’d be a mature adult. Well, that isn’t exactly the case.

The Yeti is a pretty funny dude who likes to be the center of attention. He’s a great storyteller, although sometimes he stretches the truth. He once told us he’d been snorkeling in Hawaii, but we all know The Yeti is afraid of airplanes. When we asked him how he got to the islands, he told us he swam and that it took him just an afternoon. He’s not the smartest member of the Good Grains team, but that’s okay.

He’s a gentle giant with a warm heart. He likes hiking the rolling hills of San Dimas and spends a lot of time in the Angeles National Forest.

His favorite cereal is Mighty Munch because it gives him enough protein and fiber to get through the morning. Although he’s pretty much hungry all of the time and we have caught him eating directly off the factory line. Don’t worry though, he was wearing a hairnet.

His best friend is Chad the Chipmunk. They originally bonded over a love of trees, but have since been known to hangout at the local coffee shop. Chad tells us he always orders an iced vanilla latte with extra whipped cream, but he denies it when asked. To be honest, we all believe Chad.

That’s all we will tell you about The Yeti for now. He is technically a mystical legend, so we should keep some mystery!

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