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StaySteady Cereal | 6-Box Pack | High Protein | Low Sugar | Fiber-Rich

from SNACKABLE brand

213 reviews

StaySteady is the only cereal made to help stabilize blood sugar levels and support healthy weight management.  Want to know more??  Here we go!  Be sure to see the reviews below.

  • 300+ "Certified Delicious" reviews
  • Diabetic-friendly (net carb info)
  • High protein - 21-22 grams of protein 
  • High fiber - 9-10 grams of fiber
  • Low sugar - 1-2 grams of sugar
  • About 190 calories per bowl 
  • Whole wheat flour with whole grains
  • Vegan
  • 6 10-ounce boxes (2 of each flavor) 

StaySteady cereal is an outstanding source of protein (21-22g per 1-cup serving), with a low-carb count.


Each StaySteady flavor (Original, Vanilla Almond, Maple Pecan) has slightly different ingredients. To view the full ingredient panels for each flavor, click on the pictures or scroll down this page.