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From our kitchen to your door

From our kitchen to your door

Our team has spent the last few weeks reflecting on our mission of delivering health and happiness to our communities and beyond. With that mission, we want to be able to share Good Grains with as many families as possible. We began thinking of what may prevent people from making a better choice when it comes to what they feed their families, and we couldn’t help but focus on price. Quality ingredients are expensive, making better products unaffordable for many families. We decided we needed to make a change and figure out how to make Good Grains more accessible.

At Good Grains, we’re lucky enough to be in the unique position of creating our own products. We have control over the formula, ingredients, and manufacturing process. Additionally, we get to sell everything online and ship directly to you. There’s no grocery store or expensive middle man. Good Grains cereal, granola, and snacks go straight from our kitchen to your door. With that model, we’ve been able to figure out a way to lower the price of almost all of our products.

That’s right! We’ve dropped prices to be lower than retail for comparable quality items. It took some configuring, like raising the threshold for free shipping, but we think we’ve got it. With cereals starting at $3.95, we’re hoping that we can help you feed your family the good stuff. You can earn points for rewards and discounts through our Crispy Coins program, too! Learn more about thathere.

Have any questions about our price changes? We’re happy to chat!

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