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The Story of StaySteady

The Story of StaySteady

The origin of StaySteady

StaySteady is a one-of-a-kind cereal made specifically for diabetes and healthy weight management. However, long before StaySteady, there was Hi-Lo. Hi-Lo cereal was originally created by Organic Milling (Good Grains’ cereal manufacturer) to simply help people feel their best, every day. The specialty cereal was appropriately named Hi-Lo because of its high-fiber, low-fat formula. As it grew in popularity, we began to hear stories of how Hi-Lo was helping people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels steady. These testimonials challenged us to explore creating an even better cereal.

Wolfgang, the owner of both Organic Milling and Good Grains, has close ties to the diabetic community. One of his closest friends, Jeff, has diabetes and continually struggled with keeping his blood sugar levels steady, especially in the morning. With a long commute to work, he’d often just eat what he could on the go and then have a hard time getting through the rest of the day. Wolfgang urged Jeff to try Hi-Lo. Wolfgang knew the high protein and fiber would help keep Jeff full until lunch. Jeff tried starting his day with Hi-Lo and was amazed at how his blood sugar levels remained steady throughout the morning. Moreover, he wasn’t hungry until lunchtime.

At this point, Wolfgang knew we had something great. For years, many diabetics have completely avoided cereal. However, the high-protein, high-fiber, and low sugar combination in Hi-Lo could change that. Still, Wolfgang knew that if we dedicated time and resources into taking Hi-Lo to the next level, it could be the best cereal on the planet for the diabetic community.

the new formula

Created and manufactured by Organic Milling and sold through Good Grains, StaySteady was the result of years of research, testing, and perfecting. We worked with nutritionists to get the formula just right. We increased the fiber and more than doubled the amount of protein. We swapped out the Splenda to create a product with absolutely nothing artificial. We made the best product we could, and we’re excited about it.

StaySteady represents a balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) that work synergistically for sustained energy release throughout the day. The slower release of carbohydrates is what keeps you full until lunch. For this reason, StaySteady isn't just for people with diabetes. It's perfect for weight management!

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that your breakfast cereal has at least 3 grams of fiber. StaySteady has between 9 - 10 grams. The ADA also suggests you choose a cereal with less than 6 grams of sugar. StaySteady has just 1 - 2 grams. No trans fat? Check. No saturated fat? Check. Moreover, when we give you nutritional information, we’re calculating your entire bowl. Many cereals calculate their nutritional information based on a 30 or 45 gram serving. StaySteady is calculated as a full, 60 gram serving. We think you should be aware of what you’re actually eating, not a miniature version. When you compare StaySteady to other cereals reviewed as “good for diabetics”, you’ll see there is nothing like it on the market.

Here’s what people are saying

We’ve had great feedback with StaySteady. Here’s what a few customers have said:

“This cereal is delicious - all three flavors. My favorite is the vanilla almond. I have to watch my sugar and carbs and avoid cereals because of the high counts of both. Now I can enjoy a cup of cereal and stay within my daily range of carbs and sugars. Thank you so much for this product..” - Carol D.

“I’m a Registered Dietitian who has been super impressed with this cereal. It tastes great- sweet & crunchy with more protein and fiber in one serving size than I’ve seen in a long time. The overall carb count is low and it keeps me full for hours. I’m grateful this product exists!” - Jana H.

Don’t just take our word. Try it today!

Try StaySteady for yourself and see how it works! You can order it online here and have it shipped directly to your door. If you try the 3-pack you’ll get $5 shipping, and if you go for the 6-pack shipping is completely free!

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Send us an email or give us a call at888-665-0311.

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